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Version 1.037 changes (01-23-2003)
- Fixed a crash to desktop in client and FDS.

Version 1.036 changes (12-10-2002)
- Fixes bug in WOL Gamelist that caused a crash when viewing a server with custom maps/mods.
- Fixed a bug in the dedicated server map rotation code.
- Fixed several bugs in the Glacier Flying map.
- Added GTH_CTF_Object2 script which supercedes old CTF script.

Version 1.035 changes (10-31-2002)
- Users Sitting idle at team selection screen for too long will now be kicked.
- Being kicked three times in a row results in a ban(WOL mode).
- New 'allow' console command to remove a WOL ban.
- Map rotation limit now set to 100.
- Added new flying multiplayer map Glacier.
- Servers running maps that the client doesn't have now show up in the game list.

Version 1.034 changes (09-09-2002)
- FDS Console logging to disk.
- FDS Changes to player list format. If you have a program that parses the player list, you will need to change it to work with this build.
- Ban works in WOL mode.
- FDS Fix for can't create channel bug.
- FDS Fix for servers losing connection to Westwood Online without realizing it.
- FDS Fix for crash caused by receiving a page while in Westwood Online mode.
- FDS Ability to reply to a page (can뭪 page more than once per second).

Version 1.033 changes (07-22-2002)
- Fixed bug causing mod data to be used when the user played a single-player game after playing a multiplayer mod game
- The edit_vehicle command now only works in single-play or 1-player multiplayer games.

Version 1.031 changes (06-25-2002)
- fixed the superweapon->quit exploit
- mods now support editing of armor.ini, strings.tdb
- buildings can be made of tiles in addition to terrain
- added the "edit_vehicle" console command for physics tweaking

Version 1.030 changes (04-15-2002)

- Two maps and flying vehicles have been added to the game. Flying units are only available on
the maps that support flying vehicles: walls air and city air.

Flying vehicle controls
- Jump to go up: default is <Spacebar>
- Crouch to move down: default is <c>
- Hold down Ctrl key while pressing <a> or <d> to strafe

- Fixed a bug where the harvester lost its pathfinding information and could be found
driving into walls.
- Fixed a problem with flickering meshes on ATI cards.
- Fixed a number of chat bugs on Westwood online.
- Added support for the mod community.
- Multiplay hosting: The host can now choose a Mod package as the multiplayer game.
Note that you cannot host a laddered game using a Mod package.
- Includes several performance enhancements that should remove occasional stuttering and pauses.
- Added support to hosting via GameSpy. The host now has the ability to kick, ban and set up passworded games. At console type "kick" or "ban" followed by their nickname.