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어제 스팀으로 레드얼럿3를 구매했습니다. 그런데...
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레드넷에 나와있는 대로 모드를 설치하고 실행하였는데 다음과 같은 오류가 뜹니다.

Application load error 5:0000065434

이 오류를 고칠 방법을 알 수 없을까요?
불바다 17-05-18 02:13
- I'm having trouble using C&C:Online with Steam.
- Solution: Open the C&C:Online launcher and use the Hook menu to hook your game.
1. Go into Steam and create a desktop shortcut for your game.
2. Open the C&C:Online launcher and go to the hooking menu. Hook your game. When Hooking, you should receive a prompt asking for your confirmation, this is how you know it worked. If you don't receive anything and the issue still occurs, check your anti-virus (Norton especially) as they are known to delete the hooking file. Add an exception for C&C:Online.
3. Launch the game using the shortcut Steam made for it on your desktop (if you don't have a shortcut, go into Steam and make one). The launcher should pop up, so select your game and off you go
불바다 17-05-18 02:14
1. 스팀 --> 게임에 대한 데스크탑 단축아이콘 생성
2. 춫 온라인 런처 실행, 게임 후크 하기.
3. 단축아이콘으로 게임 실행
바실리 17-05-18 17:02
예 제가 씨엔씨온라인 같은 경우는 이걸 읽고 해결했는데. 문제는 모드에요.