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와 TD하고 RA1 해상 그래픽 차이 좀 봐. 일부만 보여서 잘 모르겠는데 TD는 해상전 안하니 물결같은거 대충 만든거같은 기분이 드는건 기분탓일까요?


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그럴 수도 있고요....
아니면, 화면의 TD는 얕은물이고 RA는 깊은물이라 표현이 다른 걸수도 있어요. TD쪽에도 건보트나 호버크래프트같은 수상유닛은 있으니 어떨지는 아직 모르죠.


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well i think it's just the case that C&C was released in 1995 and the screen resolution in those days wasnt 1920x1080 but rather 320x200 in dos version and 640x480 in win95 version - so to put it clear - in those resolution if u want to see some details u have to make them bigger . Same stuff with Dogs kennel - almost as big as the rafinery - oversized. So if they are making remaster ( not remake) so i think that they wanted to keep as much from the orginal version as posible - including the size of the structures/units and effects


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